Monday, December 20, 2010

Weird Barbie collection

I've never liked Barbie since she has always been a model for unrealistic proportions, perhaps adding to girl's and society's unrealistic and equally disproportionate expectations for women's appearance. Back in 1959 original Barbie was symbol for stupid, good looking girl that has only one goal - to marry for some rich guy and spend his money. Sick way of impact on girls. Today, it seems that Mattel is going to also be complicit in our society's increasing sexualisation of children. Latest version Black Canary Barbie, based on a DC Comics superhero, wears fishnet stockings, a motorcycle jacket, black gloves and boots á la S&M dominatrix. Mattel is trying to reach Asian and Islam market with Chinese and Burk models, than Barbie with different occupations (gee she's finally started to work something). But there are also some really sick versions of this doll including drug addict Barbie (with complete kit for becoming a junkie), zombie and KKK version. Look for yourself ...

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After this if you are interested to see how would Laetitia Casta look with Barbie unrealistic measures go to this site and play animation 


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